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Issue 315 available online now!

February 18, 2019

The 315th issue of The Recycler is now available to read online, giving you easy access to all of the latest industry news, innovations, helpful tips and product releases.

In this issue of the magazine, for our main feature, we cast our gaze to the Far East, where the monumental Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge has just been opened, following years of obstacles and mounting anticipation – not to mention the investment of billions of dollars.

Closer to home, we talk to LightWords’ Peter Mayhew as the company celebrates its tenth anniversary in business, and we also tackle the subject of first aid in the workplace and just what you need to know in order to help deal with accidents and injury.

Elsewhere in the issue, The Recycler covers ECS’ successful 2018, a new hire for Turbon Products GmbH, and Xerox’s downgrade by Moody’s.

As always, you will also find the latest financial and industry updates, our dedicated Wide-Format and Retail columns, and all of the newest product and technology innovations and releases.

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