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IR Italiana Riprografia releases new company video

September 4, 2017

IR Italiana Riprografia has released the new company video that highlights the organisation and its offerings. 

The Video shows various aspects of the company highlighting, in particular, the 12,000 items of consumable and parts that are available in their catalogue which is available 24/7 since it is available online.

The video talks about the long standing partnership between IR Italiana Riprografia and its suppliers as well as customers, which enables quality assurance to its customers. 

Working as a distributor and producer, quality checks are done on all products and highlighted by the video the importance of environmental compliance which the company demonstrates in the video with all achieved certificates.

The video finishes with a bird’s eye view of the fully automated warehouse which enables fast and accurate deliveries to their customers.

On clicking below you can view the English version and on visiting the company’s website you can find the video in other languages.

The English version of the video can be watched here.

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