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Intermarché place RIS refill equipment

November 2, 2017

Retail Inkjet Solutions (RIS) has announced that the French-based supermarket chain, Intermarché, has agreed to place its InkCentre inkjet cartridge refill equipment.

Early this year, The Recycler reported that RIS had signed an agreement with the French hypermarket to trial its Ink Refill Service. Now, in a new press release from RIS, they have revealed that Intermarché has opted to deploy RIS’s inkjet cartridge refill equipment in select locations scattered across France.

This decision on the part of Intermarché comes after the successful trial installations of RIS’s on-site Refill Service for inkjet cartridges, which led to strong sales growth for the hypermarket.

Consumers can simply drop off their empty cartridges at the service counter, and while they are shopping the cartridge will be refilled using the InkCentre machine. This service offers customers a saving of up to 70 per cent, compared to the cost of purchasing a new cartridge.

We’re thrilled to announce our Refill Service expansion with Mr. Jean-François Vergez of Intermarché.  Together, over the past year we have shown his customers the significant savings that come from refilling their branded ink cartridges while helping to protect the environment.  Refilling empty ink cartridges instead of discarding them contributes to a cleaner planet, a tenet that is very important to the French culture.  Intermarché is becoming known as an ink destination.  With Mr. Vergez’s help, we look forward to expanding the ink cartridge Refill Service to more Intermarché locations in the near future” said Vince Hormovitis, Vice President Sales & Business Development at RIS.

“In today’s market, ink cartridges are consumables.  I know my customers very well.  Refilling their cartridges instead of purchasing new ones matches their expectations as well as the trend of the French market.  It is important to me to bring new, exciting concepts and value to my customers like the Refilling Service, while doing my part to make the planet cleaner.  The InkCenter is profitable for my customers but also for my business,” declared Jean-François Vergez, Owner, Intermarché Muret and Fonsorbes.

RIS Chief Executive Officer, David Lenny added, “Since starting the RIS InkCenter refill trial program at select Intermarché supermarkets in southwest France, it has been exciting to see the initiative grow from start-up to a very successful inkjet cartridge refill business in such a short amount of time.  At RIS, we are very pleased to now make this announcement that solidifies our partnership into a new long-term agreement with such a reputable retailer in France.  This will ensure we continue to deliver our high quality ink refill experience to Intermarché customers at a fraction of the price of purchasing new inkjet cartridges.  Aside from the savings, customers can drop their cartridges off and do their shopping while the cartridges are being refilled – which is very convenient.”  

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