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Integral welcomes Miguel Neureiter

October 15, 2019

The Germany-based toner manufacturer recently welcomed Miguel Neureiter as Senior Business Development Manager.

Neureiter will be in charge of helping partners to adopt a “Premium Brand Strategy” and grasp the “unique quality focused Integral perspective” so they can increase profitability with premium IP-considerate products made in Germany, Integral explained.

Neureiter comes to Integral with 17+ years of experience in Sales and Business Development from other companies in the imaging aftermarket. The company said that as a Senior Business Development Manager he will bring a tighter focus on the benefits and importance of working with a premium quality supplier like Integral.

Integrals Managing Director Mr Jan Hagemann expressed confidence that Neureiter’s extensive industry experience and great relationship skills will make him a great fit to his growing sales team by saying: “The hiring of Miguel corresponds with Integrals new business growth strategy. We are seeing a consistently increasing demand in the segment of professional colour multifunctional printing devices in the MPS channel. To respond, we also increased our focus on developing the highest quality colour toners which will differentiate our products from others and bring extra profits to our MPS customers.“

Hagemann added: “Miguel’s experience and people skills will be key to deliver a message to our existing and potential future partners: a successful strategy in the professional printing business is always long term, value and quality focused and never based on the short term goal of moving the lowest priced product. In line with Integrals growth plans, Miguel will be instrumental in discussing with our partners how we can help making MPS more profitable by enabling Integral partners to provide a differential product with consistent value and outstanding performance.”

Miguel Neureiter can be contacted via email or by phone on +49 (0) 160 1012779.

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