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Inside Remanexpo Middle East – thoughts ahead on final day

March 16, 2017

The final day of the event, part of Paperworld Middle East, saw industry companies discussing the future ahead for the region, the industry and their business.

The three-day event has taken place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and companies attending the show from the cartridge industry told The Recycler about their thoughts on the market’s next 12 to 18 months, as well as the global industry’s path going forward – while also thinking about their own progress in the near to distant future.

CET Group’s Cynthia Wang commented that in the future, the company hopes that the Middle Eastern market “may have new products and new brands”, because “more customers are needing these”, and will need to provide “quality while being stable”. For the global industry, she hoped that CET is “leading the industry”, and that the company itself hopes to “have more market share in both the Middle East and worldwide”.

In turn, Cross Imaging’s Simon Weiss stated that “I don’t think the Middle Eastern market will change a lot”, as both it and the African market “changed in the last five to six years, but I now think they have come to a level where they’re relatively stable”. Globally, he believes that “companies are looking to diversify their business”, and for Cross specifically, the company sees the Middle East as “a big opportunity – our objective is to realise this”.

You can read our report from day one of the show here, and from day two of the show here. Our full report from the event will be published in issue 294. The Recycler also attended and reported from last year’s event, with our daily summaries herehere and here, and our full report was published in issue 281.

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