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Inside Remanexpo Middle East – new products on day one

March 14, 2017

The event, taking place from 14 to 16 March in Dubai, is part of Paperworld Middle East, with industry companies discussing products and the market.

The event was officially opened this morning, with the event moving halls within the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. In terms of industry companies, CET Group’s Business Development Manager Cynthia Wang noted that the company was showing its newest Ricoh and Canon copier toner cartridges, which she added were “patent-free” and were based on “our own work on developing protection” for the products.

Wang also added that in the Middle Eastern market, “everything is new”, and that “maybe there is some value to develop – our products fit all markets, and we hope to develop wider” across the world. In terms of challenges, she added “maybe price”, as “customers care more about price here”, but that they also care about “quality too – and we have their trust on quality”. Additionally, HK Haoyinbao’s Andy Giang commented that the company’s popular product at the show was Ricoh toner, with the company exhibiting in order to “explore the Middle Eastern market”.

Giang also commented that the regional market was seeing “fierce competition for sure”, with many companies facing such competition in price terms. He added that the company was seeing “many newcomers who are trying to beat us”, but that the “market is changing”. The company’s aims for the future remain aiming for “steady growth” and “just finding a lot of new customers”.

The Recycler’s Deputy Editor Will Roszczyk is reporting each day from the show, so if you would like to arrange a meeting to talk about the event for our report in issue 294, get in touch with him at w.roszczyk@therecycler.comThe Recycler also attended and reported from last year’s event, with our daily summaries here, here and here, and our full report was published in issue 281.

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