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Inside Remanexpo 2017 – show concludes looking to the future

January 31, 2017

2017’s event came to a close with exhibitors noting their plans for the year ahead, and its challenges.IMG_2606

wta’s Thomas Lentes noted that for 2017, the remanufacturer will aim to double sales of its inkjets, stating that “last year we held our quality while growing so fast”, and adding that “it’s always important to hold quality stable while growing” your business. The company won the ‘Remanufacturer of the Year’ award for the second time, and Lentes added that the company was “really proud and surprised” to receive the accolade, noting that next year “we now have to make sure we win it a third time!”

Jan Hagemann, CEO of toner manufacturer Integral, reflected on the year to come for the industry by noting that “we are not sure print is declining”, and adding that the market is “shifting to single cartridges instead of those with components”, with this development more akin to “the kind of products we offer here” and potentially giving the company a “bigger share of the market”.

Finally, Hubei Dinglong’s Ian Copsey shared the view of many with his prediction that “continued consolidation” is to come, believing that some deals have probably already been “discussed and are going to happen”, while the Chinese company aims to continue to keep “delivering our quality and consistency message” and “continue to break down barriers”.

The final day of the REMCON seminar programme began with a morning briefing where visitors could “take a few minutes to network and find out” what’s going on and what’s happened at the show, followed by a short introductory discussion by Chair Peter Mayhew of Lightwords Imaging. The final day continued with a repeat of Vincent van Dijk’s discussion of ETIRA’s work, followed by another session from Uninet Imaging’s Zoltan Matyas on the generational challenge.

Finally, Connett & Unland GbR’s David Connett gave the final seminar, again on replacing “bricks-and-mortar” stores, before one final briefing gave an overview on what the show has brought us.

The Recycler would like to thank exhibitors and visitors for helping to make this year’s event a success, and hope to see you in Frankfurt again in 2018! The Recycler’s report from the show will be published in issue 292, which will mail to subscribers later in February.

You can read our summaries of the first, second and third days of the show herehere and here. For more information on our future events, including Paperworld Middle East 2017, visit

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