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Inside Remanexpo 2017 – day three studies economic and technological change

January 30, 2017

IMG_2899Exhibitors pondered the challenge of uncertainty in the global economy, alongside how they are dealing with technological change.

With recent geopolitical and economical events, a number of exhibitors at the show were noting that keeping prices and costs stable was a challenge for the future. Embatex’s CEO Christian Wernhart stated that “stabilisation in price terms” was a challenge for the future, alongside the need to “be profitable” in order to “stay in the market”, while Katun’s Cornelis Alderlieste pointed out that the economic market’s changes mean “we don’t know what will happen”, and that while this is “not a light challenge”, it is one that “is in the background” compared to industry-specific challenges including firmware.

However, in terms of technological change, companies addressed the benefits of technological change, with Alderlieste noting that Katun’s newest and most popular introductions at the show were its MPS solution and marketplace. He added that the “non-physical” products are “interesting to our customers”, with the latter in particular showing “exponential growth” since it launched. Keypoint Intelligence’s Andrew Carroll warned in his seminar that the “digital transformation” will see a “significant shift” in the amount of printing in the workplace, though Pantum’s Leon Guo highlighted the company’s utilisation of modern technology in its latest M7200FDW printer, which scans to PDF, and said that “printing should be simple”, as it “has always been our concept to be simple” by offering technology “functions [that are] useful for users”.

The final day will begin with a morning briefing where visitors can “take a few minutes to network and find out” what’s going on and what’s happened at the show, followed by a short introductory discussion by Chair Peter Mayhew of Lightwords Imaging before the programme begins.

The programme starts with a repeat of Vincent van Dijk’s discussion of ETIRA’s work, followed by another session from Uninet Imaging’s Zoltan Matyas on the generational challenge. Finally, Connett & Unland GbR’s David Connett will give the final seminar, again on replacing “bricks-and-mortar” stores, before one final briefing gives an overview on what the show has brought us.

You can read our reports from the first two days of the show here and here. For all the latest information and news, visit, and for an exhibitor list, the full seminar programme and speaker profiles, visit

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