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Inside Remanexpo 2017 – day one discusses products and generations

January 28, 2017

IMG_2312The first day at the show in Frankfurt saw exhibitors showcase innovative products, while REMCON saw timely explanations of generational changes.

The Saturday saw a busier start than expected, with the hall filling up quickly, and exhibitors interviewed highlighted innovations that they hoped would attract visitors. Susan Chen and Janet Liang, COO and Sales Manager of Chinese chip manufacturer Zhono, stated that the company’s HP CF400 chips were “brand new to market” and offered value because “the machine is very popular, is in high market demand, has a higher level of encryption, and the bottom line is reducing the cost for the customer”.

In turn, Print-Rite’s General Manager Antony Devadass pointed out that the company’s diverse range of products on display, including cartridges, components and 3D printers, were evidence of the company’s need to “diversify”, giving the example of another customer pointing out a new use for its 3D products that it had not discovered, and stating that “we don’t know all but being here means that we are open to suggestions, and the customer is our best guide”.

The REMCON seminar programme saw a wide variety of talks, but two focused on the difference in human generations and their attitudes to print and marketing, with Chair Peter Mayhew of Lightwords Imaging and Zoltan Matyas, Managing Director of Uninet Imaging exploring the theme in two very different seminars. Matyas pointed out that the industry “can’t afford to ignore millennials” as they will make up the biggest generation in human history, while Mayhew outlined that it was “important to recognise that communication needs to be weighted for a diverse audience”.

The second day of REMCON will begin again with a morning briefing where visitors can “take a few minutes to network and find out” what’s going on and what’s happened at the show, followed by a short introductory discussion by Chair Peter Mayhew of Lightwords Imaging before the programme begins.

Sunday’s talks will start with a repeat of Static Control’s Simon Grime’s discussion about the state of the industry; followed by a talk from Panovo’s Michael Pantel on remanufacturing wide-format cartridges; a talk from Connett & Unland GbR’s David Connett on replacing the “brick-and-mortar” stores in our industry; and a repeat of Static Control’s Chris Kilpatrick’s study of the JetIntelligence cartridges.

Next will see Matyas speaking about the “parallel channels” to remanufacturing; Actionable Intelligence’s Charlie Brewer on what to expect from markets next year; and IDC’s Przemek Kowalski on printing trends in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) and the MEA (Middle East and Africa). The second day’s programme is followed by ETIRA’s networking reception in the seminar theatre, sponsored by show organisers Messe Frankfurt.

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