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Inkjet printing bounces back

September 13, 2017

After experiencing a downturn 10 years ago inkjet printing has been rejuvenated and is now going from strength to strength.

In a new press release from Ninestar, the company’s Senior Product Manager, Jarek Yang, examines the boom to bust – and back again – projectile of inkjet printing.

Charting the industry’s early successes, Yang writes, “From ancient China’s movable type printing and 1950’s modern inkjet printer prototype to 1970’s rapid development of inkjet printing, we can see that inkjet printing was booming.”

However, the global financial crash of 2008 dealt the industry a withering blow and for a while it seemed that inkjet printing was on its way out. But over time, as economies across the world began to right themselves and innovations in various sectors were made, new technological developments rejuvenated  inkjet printing and now, as Yang explains, the industry “is entering a new age.”

Part of this success is due to the improvement of manufacturing capacity and an increase in inkjet printing speed, innovations which have enabled OEMs such as Epson and HP to enter “a new profitable market.”

Analysis of industry data indicates that total inkjet cartridge revenue is on the rise and that cartridges take up 58% of worldwide office printing revenue, leading to expectations that the business inkjet industry will continue to expand.

Yang believes that business office users are looking for the following qualities in the ink they use on a daily basis:

  1. Fast-drying
  2. Water-proof
  3. Reliable and stable ink, to reduce maintenance costs
  4. Inks that can preserve office documentation



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