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Inkjet printers used in production of self-cleaning glass

January 2, 2013

Self-cleaning glass used for windows in tall buildings made using inkjet printing technology.

Fars News Agency reports that researchers in Iran have been able to formulate a “self-cleaning ink” using titania nanoparticles that can be printed onto glass using inkjet printers, with the technology being used to produce self-cleaning glass used for tall buildings and skyscrapers.

The researchers, from the Institute for Color Science and Technology developed the technology after recognising that inkjet printers are increasingly being used for a wide range of purposes, with Dr Maryam Hosseinizari explaining: “Taking into consideration the fact that printing with inkjet printers on ceramic and tile industry have become common recently, this research was carried out in order to determine the self-cleaning properties of the glass after stamping titania nanoparticles on the glass surface using inkjet printers”.

Detailing the production process, Hosseinizari continued: “The pre-prepared ink was printed on the glass. Then, the glass was dried and the relation between the thickness and self-cleaning power was evaluated and discussed.

Hosseinizari added that the new technology significantly reduces wastage of material compared to the previous screen printing method used, but that there are limitations to the direct use of pigment in printing ink. “Among the limitations, mention can be made to the fact that the pigment should be synthesised in a fine morphology and small size, and it should have homogenous distribution and stability so it will not block the ink vessel. Therefore, the synthesis method is highly important.”

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