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Inkjet business printing to snowball?

August 6, 2012

Yusen Zhang speaks on business printing: the OEM focus and the increasing popularity of inkjet printing.

Yusen Zhang, Product Manager, Ninestar, has spoken with The Recycler on the business printing market, including the focus from a number of OEMs and the increasing proliferation of inkjet devices in the market space.

Business printing typically adopts laser printers, chosen for “its high speed, high page yield and low cost” and Zhang comments on the actions of a number of OEMs to “improve the performance of inkjet printers and at the same time […] launch new models of inkjet business printers” in a bid to prevent the prominence of laser devices in the business printing market space.

Epson, Canon, HP and Lexmark have each recently announced their intentions in the business printing environment. Epson launched its first high performance inkjet business printer in September 2011, with Canon and HP releasing a number of models in October 2011 “to contain Epson’s continuously growing market share”, and Lexmark announced that it will be “extending its “Vizix” technology […] which further intensifies the inkjet business printing market competition.”

Zhang states that “Ninestar offers perfect cartridges for inkjet business printer users”, citing the launch of patented inkjet cartridges following the acquisition of Epson and Canon chip technology, and predicts the release of HP and Lexmark patented products in Q3 2012.

“It is a good bet that inkjet business printing will be taking a considerable share in [the market],” Zhang remarks. “The competition between inkjet and laser business printers will surely increase the market share of high performance and cost effective inkjet business printers, making the users turning their eyes from laser to inkjet business printers.

“2012 is the year for inkjet business printing.”

The position of inkjet in business printing has long been discussed, and despite the dominance of laser devices in business printing, a number of commentators and theorists have explored the possibility that Zhang’s claims might be correct.

Small Business Computing notes that Jeff Walter, HP Outbound Marketing Manager, theorises that in certain circumstances inkjet printing “allows users to wirelessly print professional colour documents for as much as 50 percent less cost per page and energy use than competitive laser printers.”

InfoTrends has also announced its upcoming study Is Inkjet Printing Technology Ready to Transform the Office Printing Environment?, which purports to explore bias against ink technology within the IT decision market community and detail market analysis.

For more information on inkjet business printing, make sure to check out the forthcoming issue 236 of The Recycler.

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