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Inkjet 411 offer cartridge refill

April 13, 2017

The company are promoting cartridge refilling using the RIS refilling machines in their stores in France.

Inkjet 411 are offering the after sales service to customers so that they can refill their printer ink cartridges in store which will save them money and help the environment by decreasing the amount of cartridges that end up in landfills estimated to be more than a billion per year.

Using the RIS machines to refill customers cartridges is estimated to save them 70 percent compared to purchasing new ones while reusing cartridges has a positive environmental impact.

RIS, who provide the refill machines, said that retailers “choose inkjet refilling” to give customer satisfaction and save them money, as well as “driving repeat customer visits and customer time-in store” which impacts sales. Retailers are also differentiated from “those that only offer OEM branded cartridge selection”, which gives customers more choice and is more environmentally friendly, because the company is “aligned with sustainability objectives” by reducing the amount of one-use cartridges.

RIS recently signed an agreement with Intermarché, a hypermarket and supermarket retailer.




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