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InkCycle introduces new generic toner packaging

February 19, 2013

InkCycle packagingUS remanufacturer develops simpler packaging design to benefit dealers.

Kansas-based InkCycle, Inc. has announced that it has changed the packaging for its toner products, delivering further convenience for its dealers and reducing the environmental footprint due to the use of 100 percent recycled and recyclable corrugated boxes.

The company also states that its packaging includes the use of FuchsBag’s airbags for improved durability, and the handles on larger sized packaging have been moved from the top to the ends to allow easier transportation, stacking and storage of the cartridges.

The re-designed “TC” toner box has undergone the biggest changes, with the generic design allowing dealers to customise it with their own contact information along with the inclusion if a secure locking tab feature.

Commenting on the new packaging design, Carl Little, Vice-President of Dealer Sales at InkCycle, said: “Our dealers asked for a more generic, user friendly, and simpler packaging style. With the redesign of the traditional ‘TC’ box, as well as our high-quality Premium line, we are providing that.”

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