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Ink Technologies unveils new toner cartridge recycling programme

July 5, 2012

Printer ink retailer claims new scheme will “simplify” toner cartridge recycling.

Ink Technologies state that they have “reaffirmed their commitment to environmental stability” with the launch of their new programme that allows customers to post their used toner cartridges to be recycled.

Customers are required to fill out a web form of personal details and the number of cartridges they wish to recycle, with eight being the minimum, and receive a shipping return tag in the post.

The retailer states: “As a responsible member of the corporate community, we take our green responsibilities seriously and have decided to instigate a program of recycling to reduce the burden that toner cartridges put on our environment.

“As an environmentally-responsible organisation, [we] already make significant efforts to operate with maximum environmental sustainability and minimum resource wastage. [Our] solid ink printing technologies produce less waste than conventional laser printers, and [we] recycle as much warehouse and office material as possible”.


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