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Ink manufacturer claims printing record

March 1, 2016

Indonesian company Blueprint has printed “three times above [the] printer warranty limit” with bubblejet technology.blueprint1maret16.img_assist_custom-638x336

Jakarta Post reported on the achievement by the company, which said that it has “proved its ink quality” by printing up to 45,338 pages, a “new world record” in terms of printing through the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI). The previous record was achieved by Blueprint ink on an Epson L110 piezo machine, with 36,100 sheets printed, while this new record was reached on a bubblejet Canon G1000.

The G1000 machine usually “only guarantees 15,000 sheets, meaning that Blueprint’s latest record is “three times higher than that offered by by the printer warranty limit”. With both the piezo and bubblejet records, Blueprint stated that “it has been proven to be not only reliable in piezo […] but also in bubblejet”.

The process of establishing the record took place over 11 days, from 17 to 27 February this year, and was proven in Jakarta and Jogjakarata using four printers, which print out a standard document in ISO24712, the “world standard to test printing ability”. Jakarta Post added in turn that at the end of the process, all four printheads “were still in perfect condition”, claiming that the Blueprint ink “proved to be the best in the world”.

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