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‘Ink Answers’ service sees success

October 8, 2014

Nazdar_ink_questions_consultantInk manufacturer Nazdar announces success of service launched in 2012, which handles over 3,000 ink-related questions every year.

Nazdar’s ‘Ink Answers’ service was set up in 2012 by its Technical Services Group, and has since become “an incredibly useful communication tool” for the company’s distributors, salesforce and end users, as well as providing written product and application information for Nazdar’s range of ink solutions.

The service is accessed through the email address, which has been widely promoted by Nazdar, with more than 3,000 emails per year sent to the address with a variety of ink-relatedqueries answered by the company’s technical team. These questions come globally from a number of sources, and mostly relate to “fairly straightforward” topics such as which inks are best for which applications, how end users can optimise print performance, where they can buy inks, and who can help them with ink issues; as well as regulatory questions regarding the safety and disposal of inks.

However, Bruce Ridge, Director of Technical Service at Nazdar noted that the team does receive some more unusual questions: “You couldn’t possibly predict some of the questions we get asked.  ‘Can your ink withstand a nuclear blast?’, ‘How long will it last on a submarine?’, and ‘Do you make tattoo inks?’ feature alongside a plethora of questions relating to food packaging applications. Other slightly more leftfield questions that we’ve responded to include: ‘Do you make ink that can be scratched off?’, ‘Do you make glow-in-the dark ink?’ and ‘Do you make an ink that sticks to Teflon?’!”

Responses from Nazdar’s head office are sent in either English or Spanish, while any questions requiring different languages are forwarded to the company’s local representatives. While there is an FAQ section on Nazdar’s website, the company recognises that in approximately 20 percent of cases, the customer will require a much more detailed response to a highly technical question, and so this is when the ‘Ink Answers’ service comes in use.

The service has been a “great success” for Nazdar, its distirbutors, internal salesforce and end users, helping Nazdar’s travelling salesforce and technical team to access complete responses to queries quickly whilst they are on the road or at customer premises. Distirbutors and end users meanwhile confirmed that they find the service fits in well with their busy schedules and allows for quick and efficient access to information.

Ridge said: “There were two primary goals when we created the Ink Answers service. Firstly, we wanted to be able to provide complete, accurate and traceable recommendations on our products; and secondly, we wanted to engage all of our technical people in the process in order to reduce our response times and make better use of our broad knowledge base.

“The key to our success is simple. Each email sent to the Ink Answers email address goes to 25 people within our technical department. We work on the basis that no one knows everything, but collectively we will have the answer to almost every question posed. The best equipped person to deal with the query will handle it. It has proven to be a very efficient way of providing written product and application information – including attachments such as data sheets where they might be of use – to those that need it, in a very timely manner.”

He added: “The Ink Answers service is both convenient and efficient and is regularly used by both internal and external sources. If you’ve got an ink question, Nazdar has the ink answer!”

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