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Ink and toner compared

December 6, 2016

The decision of which printer to use can affect cost effectiveness and depot

Office Depot looked at the different printing processes, and discussed the pros and cons of both, stating that both inkjet and laser will use the same process to send documents to the printer, but that once there the actions change. The inkjet uses “microscopic nozzles to spray the ink onto the page”, while the laser printer “heats up the powder inside the toner cartridge to create images on the page”, and that monochrome printing may show no real difference to the naked eye.

The cost of an inkjet printer is normally lower that that of a laser, although MFPs are comparable, but the print speed is faster with a laser at 20 to 30ppm, as opposed to low 20s for inkjet, but when it comes to image quality, inkjet is said to produce professional quality colour pictures, where as laser is ideal for “making tiny fonts and details crystal clear”, and is better in monochrome.

An inkjet just requires a new cartridge when ink runs out, but a laser can often require a fuser cartridge and a maintenance kit, and price per page varies from six cents (five Euro cents) for ink and seven cents (six Euro cents) for laser. In conclusion, Office Depot compared the HP Inc OfficeJet Pro 8720 MFP with the Colour LaserJet Pro M277DW MFP, which showed that the former produced 24ppm in black and 20ppm in colour with 4,800dpi resolution and a 250-sheet capacity, but printed 30,000 sheets a month maximum while the laser reached a speed of 19ppm in colour or black, had aa 600dpi resolution and a 150-sheet capacity with 2,500 maximum sheets per month.



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