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Ink Again launch new mobile service

May 30, 2012

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Australian company expands shop with new mobile service for customers in the region.

As an expansion on Ink Again’s shop in Geelong, Victoria, the company is now offering a mobile service in order to reach more businesses and more customers, reports Surf Coast Times.

The service will offer “original, compatible and refilled inkjet, laserjet, photocopier and fax cartridges” along with a “printer consultancy service and continuous ink supply systems”, with the company’s new online “time-tabling system” allowing customers from the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast to take advantage of its products more regularly.

Free delivery and a priority service at a small cost for businesses will be offered by the company, which has been providing printer solutions to the area for over a decade.

Brett Sandford, owner of Ink Again said: “We offer a more solution-based approach rather than just supplies. It all depends on what people want and need […] if you want to print a lot, we have some really good solutions that bring printing costs down to about two cents per page. […]

“The new timetable means that instead of four or five cars driving into Geelong for printing supplies, our one van can go door-to-door saving everyone time and fuel”.

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