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InfoTrends study predicts print industry growth in Russia

August 16, 2012

Forecast predicts growth in Russian production copying and printing market.

A study conducted by market research firm InfoTrends entitled The Russia Copying and Printing Market Forecast: 2011-2016 indicates that the market for digital print in the country is “growing dramatically”, with print on demand growth reportedly outgrowing that of Western Europe and the US.

InfoTrends states that Russia’s placement growth is 11.7 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and that the country has experienced an average print volume growth of 24.4 percent per year.

Within the forecast, users can use an Excel pivot table to view detailed information collected by InfoTrends “by selecting various product segments and features”, and enables figures to be created for “installed base, copy/print volumes, service, service and supply revenue and retail value of print”. It is hoped that the study will “provide financial and statistical information needed for effective short and long-term strategic planning” in the region.

Ralf Schlozer, Director at InfoTrends commented: “To date, the market is relatively small, but growing rapidly as the gap to Western Europe is declining. There is rapidly increasing demand for digital print in many market segments and the retail value of print in Russia is expected to have an overall CAGR of 23.3 percent, reaching $1.8 billion (€1.46 billion) in 2016.”

The forecast can be purchased now from InfoTrends’ Report Store.

A Paperworld and Remanexpo trade fair is to take place in Russia on 25-27 September, with Paperworld Director Anna Shelkova recently discussing the event with The Recycler. For further information on the event, check out Issue 235 of The Recycler.

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