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Industry charity motorcycle ride concludes

June 23, 2016

A 2011 Harley Davidson 'Fat Bob', which CIG has donated

A 2011 Harley Davidson ‘Fat Bob’, which CIG has donated

Clover Imaging Group (CIG) and MWAi have completed the motorcycle ride for The Jillian fund.

MPS Connect reported that the motorcycle ride was across the US in support of The Jillian Fund, a charity set up to support parents of children with life-threatening diseases that need intensive care. The fund was started to commemorate Jillian Gorman, who tragically died of blood cancer and it provides financial support to families of children in similar circumstances – to date, the ride has raised $355,000 (€312,830).

CIG, MWAi – a value-added reseller (VAR) – and OEM distributor OES teamed up to raise money for the cause, CIG donating a Harley Davison for the raffle a few months ago. The bike was won by Danny Terril, owner of OES, and ticket sales for the raffle raised $120,000 (€105,745). The journey took 10 days, and included visits at dealerships and manufacturers. Whilst the team were in Washington D.C., they joined another group of bikers on The Rolling Thunder Ride, a non-profit charity that raises money for good causes and over a million participants join in each year.

President and CEO of MWA Intelligence, Michael T. Stramaglio, said: “You get a real sense of fulfilment when you decide to partake in something bigger than yourself. To have the opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause for Jillian, a brave young woman has been nothing short of an honour. The amount of support that families have received is tremendously incredible from The Jillian Fund, and it has been amazing to have association with this charity. On behalf of all those involved, including the donors, it has been an extreme pleasure.”

Danny Terril commented: “As a pancreatic cancer survivor myself, OES Solutions was beyond happy to support such a great cause. I could not fathom having to go through what I went through alone and I truly believe that no one person should ever have to endure that. Without organisations like The Jillian Fund, some families would not be able to spend the necessary time with their loved ones in their time of need.

“I thank all the people involved at The Jillian Fund, it’s an honour both personally and professionally to be a part of such a great cause. I have to admit that winning the Harley Davidson this year was extremely exciting, but the real prize is the relationships that I have developed working with Mike Stramaglio and everyone involved, so once again from everyone here at OES Solutions, we thank you and look forward to working with you in the future.”



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