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In-Map signs software deal with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia

June 12, 2013

inmapOEM signs contract to use In-Map software to aid pursuit of potential MPS engagements.

In-Map, a UK-based developer of automated sales proposal and mapping software, has signed a deal with Konica Minolta that will allow the OEM to utilise In-Map for its countries within the ASEAN region in order to enhance its Optimised Print Services sales.

Used in conjunction with fleet management tools such as FMAudit and PrintFleet to collect customers’ print data, the In-Map software allows the user to form the baseline for customers’ current environment, with the data analysed using either the end user’s own cost or relevant market price from In-Map or Konica Minolta’s device database repository to compute the cost of ownership.

Konica Minolta also uses the mapping function to place devices on floor-plans, digitally representing their actual location in the end user’s environment; and once all data is compiled, the OEM will perform fleet optimisation, proposing future device layout and analyse both direct and indirect costs to create the most cost and process-effective business case for each customer.

Reports for both the current and proposed environment using floor plans and TCO financial figures are generated by In-Map for the benefit of the end users, so that they are able to understand their current situation and how their print environment can be improved. These are delivered in Konica Minolta’s own company style and can be viewed by end users through popular programmes such as MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

In-Map states that utilising its software reduces time and inaccuracy from manual effort, and that Konica Minolta will be able to use the saved time to generate more scenarios, from which the best can be selected. Furthermore, end users benefit from consistency in the data findings and report presentation across different sites and regions.

Commenting on the software deal, Jan De Kesel, Managing Director of In-Map Ltd., said: “A picture paints a thousand words or so they say. Everything now begins with the map, In-Map turns the whole current engagement and approach to Managed Print Services on its head and Konica Minolta Asia, after testing of In-Map, realised that this would give them a significant advantage in providing a professional MPS solution for their customers and keep them ahead of the competition.”

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