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Image Options partners with PrintReleaf

April 26, 2018

Having already developed a reputation for sustainable practices, Image Options has now joined up with PrintReleaf in order to offer “more ecologically responsible choices to customers”.

As Global Print Monitor reports, Image Options, which uses “forward-thinking processes, technology, and equipment to deliver” its visual and consumer experience solutions, has opted to partner with PrintReleaf.

Image Options is “the only surface imaging specialist in California certified as a member of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.”

Image Options CEO Tim Bennett commented: “For years, Image Options has diligently sought to minimise its environmental footprint and maximise recycled material usage. Print Releaf now enables our customers to join Image Options in our ecological quest, by planting trees to correspond to the paper we use to produce their signage, banners, and other visual communication materials. Image Options customers selecting certified PrintReleaf reforestation can choose to plant trees in any of seven different areas of the world that have undergone extensive deforestation.”

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