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ILG joins Turbon Group

December 30, 2013

Turbon Group's global headquarters in Germany

Turbon Group’s global headquarters in Germany

The cartridge manufacturer has been acquired by the remanufacturer and collector.

ILG announced its acquisition by Turbon, which it states is the “largest publicly held remanufacturer and collector of laser toner cartridges worldwide”, with ILG now joining the Turbon Group whilst “continu[ing] to operate independently”, as will Turbon, “in their respective marketplace channels”.

Al De Luca, CEO of Turbon AG, stated: “We are very excited about ILG joining the Turbon Group of companies, and that their management team will remain intact and continue to focus on providing their customers with industry-leading products, award-winning consistent quality cartridges, and excellent customer service and support to which they have become accustomed […] in addition to coast to coast nationwide distribution from five strategically located distribution centres.”

Gary Michaels, President of ILG, added: “The combination of our two companies will provide significant synergies including improved logistics and distribution for both finished goods and raw materials.

“By integrating best practices from both companies coupled with Turbon’s financial strength, ILG will continue to provide industry-leading consistent quality and services to the benefit of our customer base. The entire ILG team is excited and prepared for future growth in our market space.”

Turbon previously acquired US-based compatibles distributor Clarity Imaging Technologies.

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