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ILG announce Vibrant Color System toner cartridges

February 28, 2012

Proprietary system to be applied to OEM alternative cartridges.

International Laser Group (ILG) has unveiled the Vibrant Color System generation of toner cartridges, to be applied to OEM alternative cartridges.

The proprietary system forms part of ILG’s philosophy of continued improvements within its quality controlled research and development process, and the company states the Vibrant Color System marks a “[transcendence] to the next generation of color cartridge technology” following the first generation of colour systems being introduced over a decade ago.

The Vibrant Color System utilises ILG’s Leak Guard System and Turbo Cleaning Blade (TCB) technology, with ILG stating this enables “optimized color matching, smooth color transitions with high density in laser printing”. Features include significant elimination of toner leakage during transit; clean seal pull; reduced toner dusting; prolonged life of printer transfer belt and fuser assembly; and reduced maintenance costs, as well as claiming the technology prevents “inconsistencies that have affected many compatible cartridges” including streaking, lines and colour print inconsistencies.

Joe Shulman, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, ILG, commented: “We are very excited to add this innovative technology to our color toner cartridges. This is the next generation of OEM alternative in color technology.

“At ILG, with over 55 percent of our business in color, our sales volume speaks for our quality. Our resellers are successful and showing steady growth in selling ILG’s color. With ILG’s “Mirror-Image” cartridges, they can earn higher profit margins and offer the best CPP to their customers.”

The Vibrant Color System is applied to ILG’s OEM alternative HP colour products, including its JUMBOCOLOR line.

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