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IIMAK highlights TTR opportunities

February 21, 2020

Colour Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR) might be on the periphery of your business, but according to IIMAK, there are several vertical markets that provide a unique option for printing short-run colour labels with existing equipment.

According to IIMAK, TTR is a perfect solution for brand owners requiring smaller, even micro-sized, label runs with variable colours and highlights 4 vertical markets with TTR opportunities.

In the food packaging sector colours like white, silver and gold are popular for printing “best by” dates on dark labels and directly on flexible packaging in snack foods. Whereas blue and green work well in variable data printing in the nutraceutical channel.

Global Harmonised System (GHS) requirements for chemical labelling is a common application for Red TTR to highlight pictogram frames to help communicate health and safety information. Standard BS5609 requires a special certification of the ribbon/label so it can withstand ocean shipments.

In the private branding channel there are a wide range of opportunities that span many other industries including food, hardware, and supplements where, IIMAK suggest there are opportunities for low volume, custom private label printing where low minimum order quantities are specified.

The IIMAK TTR range comes in almost 50 colours across wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons.

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