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I am sorry but…

June 13, 2017

Recently we have had a complaint about the delay in publishing a story about the recent Apex chip price rise which is causing concern among remanufacturers.

The biggest challenges editors face, apart from getting the punctuation right, is filtering rumours from reality and not slandering or libelling someone. Our lawyers and UK press regulation and just good journalistic practice means that we do a great deal of checking to find the story source and then to validate the information provided.  Ideally, we like two or more sources, so if you are a source and you tell ten people, they are not sources, just ten people you told.

While passions and language run high on this particular topic, getting to the bones of the story was challenging because nobody wanted to go on the record or provide evidence that our lawyers would be happy for us to use and would not breach UK press regulations.

In a fast paced 24/7 competitive news environment, you always want to be first with the news, but getting the story right is critically more important. So I apologise if our response was not as fast as you would have liked, but equally, abusive and defamatory phone calls and emails doesn’t help get a story written any quicker.

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