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HYB organises staff Outward Bound day

July 12, 2018

On a bright and sunny 30 June 2018, HYB organised an Outward Bound day for its employees.

Describing the day as an occasion which united its employees “regardless of positions, genders, ages” in the pursuit of “one ultimate goal […] – to win and to experience”, HYB explained that the 80 participators were divided into 6 teams.

The team members had to select their team leaders (who must not be in the position of managers) who were then tasked with brain storming, strategy setting and ensuring the implementation of their team plan.

The different training programs available offered “opportunities for participators to plan in a short time and determine to take plan into actions.”

HYB staff played together, cooked together, “and most importantly the team suffered the punishment of bad decisions together”, says HYB.

When all the participants climbed over the 4-metre high wall, the training came to what the company describes as “a perfect ending” because all of the HYB employees “believe the impossible to be possible and believe that their Teamwork can help each other to reach the success they are longing for.”

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