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Hubei Dinglong shows their labels

April 15, 2020

The toner manufacturer has released its latest list of NWS Ecolabel certified toners.

The toner manufacturer is a major supplier to the remanufacturing sector and produces a broad range of Ecolabel approved HP Toners.

Talking about the certified toners, the company said: “We understand the rigours of Eco Label requirements in European market and therefore have engaged with TUV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH to conduct the R6 emissions test for selected products. Full certification and reports can be provided upon request.”

As products become more popular Hubei Dinglong plans to submit additional material as and when the volumes dictate.

Hubei Dinglong added: “It is a pre-requisite of our R&D process to select raw materials that will meet the requirements of emission tests on a global basis.”

For further details see the updated list with Ecolabel approved toners here.

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