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HP’s African Public-sector and enterprise customers welcome inspections

August 20, 2020

97% of HP’s African Public-sector and enterprise customers would recommend CDIs to other customers.

HP’s anti-counterfeit Customer Delivery Inspections (CDIs) are on the lookout poor-quality fakes that infiltrate the supply channel and is big business. According to a person familiar with the global counterfeit market [we have agreed to keep their identity secret for their own safety] counterfeit products meet the 30% rule. If you are buying a pallet of cartridges, one in three cartridges may be counterfeit.

The cartridges usually originate in Asia and come together with the packaging and labelling within the region.   

HP’s Public-sector and enterprise customers can request such a free on-site inspection if suspicious about a delivery of HP printing supplies, including Samsung-branded cartridges.

The CDIs enable consignments of printer cartridges to be checked and verified to ensure the validity of the stock. According to HP 97% of customers would recommend CDIs to other customers and say the CDIs work smoothly and without much effort. With 96% saying that CDIs effectively protect them against fraudsters.

Speaking to Nigeria’s This Day, Global Lead of Supplies Anti-Counterfeit and Fraud Programme, Suanne Schoewitz-Franchi, said: “At HP, we are incredibly proud of the positive feedback our customers have given in response to our Customer Delivery Inspections.”

In June this year The Recycler reported that “between October 2019 and March 2020, HP’s Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) Programme has managed to help seize close to 200,000 counterfeit printer cartridges and components in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.

In 2019 HP working with authorities in Saudi Arabia seized 65,000 counterfeit cartridges at three locations.  Later in 2019 a further 50,000 counterfeit cartridges were seized in the Riyadh and Jeddah areas.

In the same period a 15-month operation across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, HP has seized $7.18 million (€6.38 million) worth of counterfeit products from “fraudulent suppliers”.

450,000 products were seized by officials in the UAE – in collaboration with HP – who conducted raids on “a number of clandestine workshops and private residences”, both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Between July and December 2018.

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