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HPE sued for unpaid disability benefits

December 22, 2016

Michael Alves has filed a complaint against HPE’s Comprehensive Welfare Benefits Plan.hpe-campus-sign-580x358

Alves alleges that his claims for disability were denied without a “full and fair review”, reported Northern California Record . In the filed complaint at the US District Court for the Central District of California, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act was cited. Alves claims that he became disabled in January, which is when he applied for disability benefits, but in June he was denied them.

He believes that the “defendants allegedly upheld their decision to deny plaintiff’s disability benefits despite several appeals and failed to provide a full and fair review of his claims”, the site added, and listed: HPE’s Comprehensive Welfare Benefits Plan; HPE; and Does 1 through to 10 as responsible.

Alves is asking for the “benefits due to him, all legal fees and any other relief the court deems just”.


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