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HP will not downsize Chinese workforce

April 20, 2012

Meg Whitman expresses her desire to hire the “talent” from China, following news of a new production plant in Chongqing.

HP CEO Meg Whitman has stated that the printer manufacturer has no intention of reducing the size of its Chinese workforce, in her first visit to the country since joining the OEM in 2011, reports China Daily.

Whitman spoke on the significance of the Chinese market, with the country purchasing more PCs than any other country, with Robin Wu, analyst for US research company DisplaySearch, commenting: “China is already the biggest market for monitors and desktop PCs as a result of its rapidly developing economy and buyers’ larger disposable incomes.”

HP are said to intend to place further emphasis on recovering a larger percentage of the Chinese market, as well as rebuilding its brand in the region, with Whitman stating: “I don’t anticipate downsizing in China but want to hire more talent because it is an enormous market.”

The HP CEO was also adamant in her refusal to allow HP to specialise in software, noting: “We are a hardware company. 70 percent of all sales revenue comes from hardware, and we are proud of it.”

Whitman’s proclamations coincide with the OEM’s announcement that it will be collaborating with Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn on the opening of a new production plant in Chongqing over the next two to three years.

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