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HP warns of “relentless” action against UAE counterfeiters

June 7, 2012

Region susceptible due to its function as a transport hub with major ports and prominent transportation links.

HP Laser and Enterprise Solutions Business Manager Ernest Azzam has stated that “sophisticated” manufacturers of counterfeit printing apparatus and consumables who have targeted the United Arab Emirates can expect to face “relentless” enforcement action, reports Gulf News.

Azzam’s statement comes after a series of co-ordinated anti-counterfeit raids. From 8 May, The Recycler reported over one million counterfeit printing products had been seized in said raids since 2011, although Gulf News stipulates that twice that figure has since been contained.

Azzam commented: “Countries such as the UAE […] function as transport hubs for counterfeits due to their large ports and extensive transportation links.

“That’s a significant figure and indicates that counterfeiters have targeted the UAE as a major focus of their operations. As the seizures indicate, HP and law enforcement agents are fighting back successfully.”

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