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HP unveils newest printer using popular 1980’s spoof

September 5, 2017

Youtube hit ‘Computer Show’ promotes HP’s A3 multifunction printer; the second time the brand has appeared on the program.

Created by Giant Spoon and the production company Sandwich Video in 2015, ‘Computer Show’ is a 1980’s spoof that has become a firm favourite in the technology world. This “passion project”, a remake of an actual 80’s PBS production called “Computer Chronicles”, is fronted by American comedian and actor Rob Baedeker, who has taken on the role of TV host Gary Fabert.

Since its launch the show has gained a staunch following, its appeal lying in its combination of Fabert’s lack of technological expertise and Computer Show’s determinedly retro 80’s studio and graphics with the modern know-how of industry representatives who use it as a novel platform to promote their products and services.

In February 2017, HP became a sponsor, in a move that the co-founder of Giant Spoon, Jon Haber, described as “a smart way to reach IT decision-makers”, adding that B2B marketing required an innovative new approach that “speaks through culture”. According to Haber, Computer Show’s combination of content and comedy “are proven winners”.

In August 2017, HP enjoyed its second outing on the show as the company unveiled its new A3 multifunction printer. ‘Computer Show’ released a blooper reel and three digital shorts in one week, with the segments entitled ‘At the Office’ and featuring Faber, his long-suffering co-workers Diane and Duane, and HP’s real-life representative Janice Henler.

During the course of the show, Henler gives a run-down of the printer’s features, such as its uptime, affordability, run-time intrusion and built-in security policy deployment, while Fabert interjects with his clueless commentary and hilariously stilted manner of hosting. His comments regarding the printer include “It chops, it blends, it purees…If it could make a daiquiri I’d marry it!” 

As always he concluded the segments with lines such as, “We’ll be back next time, bringing yesterday’s tomorrow into the future today…always”.

The product featured on the show, HP’s A3 multifunction printer, combines the fastest in-class print speeds with affordable colour, allows you to turn paper files into digital assets and also comes with a range of optional accessories.  

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