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HP unveils new music-playing printer

November 15, 2017

The HP AMP 100 is a smartphone-compatible printer that can print photos, scan on the go, take phone calls and even stream music.

The HP AMP 100 smartphone-ready printer is described as “one compact device” which “can replace several peripherals by combining the best features of a Bluetooth portable speaker a desktop speakerphone, and a multifunction printer”.

It also comes outfitted with helpful technology such as the HP Smart App and Smart Amp technology. As a result, purchasers of this printer will be able to “seamlessly play music” and control the device from their smartphone, even using it to take phone calls.

In addition, the printer allows users to scan their documents and images on their smartphone and share them digitally from “virtually anywhere”, and the HP AMP also makes it possible to order new ink when necessary through HP’s Instant Ink programme.

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