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HP to open new printer manufacturing site in China

April 19, 2012

Factory will be built in Chongqing by Foxconn over the next two to three years.

Technology website PC Advisor reports that the new HP printer manufacturing facility is expected to produce”40 million ink-jet printers, and 20 million laser printers, along with 150 million ink cartridges” per year by 2015; cumulating in an estimated annual value of $25 billion (€19.7 billion).

The article states that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, which made international news headlines earlier this year  after 300 of its employees at a Chinese Xbox 360 plant threatened mass-suicide over wage demands, will build the facilities in Chongqing, south-west China “over three stages.”

The city is already host to HP manufacturing facilities for desktop and notebook manufacturing and is said to be “striving to become a major information technology hub in China”.

According to the report, Meg Whitman, CEO of HP met with Chinese officials and participated in a signing ceremony on 17 April to finalise the deal. HP is set to further develop its business in China with the expansion of its Shanghai manufacturing base announced in 2011, as well as the construction of a regional headquarters in the city.

The article states that the OEM “is also working to improve enterprise business in China by investing more in delivering cloud computing products”.

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