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HP: Technology, strategy, and the future

October 23, 2017

An interview with Rajkumar Rishi offers insight into HP’s future direction.

Rajkumar Rishi, the Senior Director of Print Business for HP Inc India, has given an interview to Taru Bhatia of Sunday Guardian Live, on print technology, consumer strategy, and the future of the industry over the coming years.

In the interview, he discusses HP’s brand philopsohy, ‘Keep Reinventing’, and what that means in practice for HP. Despite massive advancements in all fields of technology over the last decade, Rishi maintains that there is still a place for traditional printers. “Printers will always be necessary,” he says, “whether at office, home, or on the road. The ongoing need for hard-copy reports, promotional materials, contracts, forms and handouts is unlikely to disappear anytime soon.” However, he goes on to say that HP “will continue to innovate to adapt to evolving customer needs.”

HP are, according to Rishi, “constantly focusing on R&D and innovation in our business. We’re reinventing printing, personal systems, and the solutions that will drive growth and transform industries.” Some of the evolving customer needs he highlights are increased mobility, savings in cost and energy, and network and data security. A strategic focus on these, he explains, is crucial for long-term performance in the changing market of today.

In the interview, Rishi and Bhatia also discuss HP’s consumer strategy, which Rishi describes as being “anchored in disruptive trends in the market – e.g. consumer/commercial blending, millennial mindset, mobility and security” – as well as the kind of strategy HP are implementing in order to reach new customers. Rishi talks of the “emotional connect” with consumers, that he claims is reinvigorating the consumer/home printing category. He gives the example of millennials:

“Millennials are not an age or a group; more of a way of thinking, working and acting. They are the decision-makers of today and future workforce of tomorrow. Millennials are the biggest consumers of technology and are shaping trends in every walk of life.” The new HP Sprocket, the company’s pocket-friendly printer, ‘targeted at millennials and women’, is one example of how HP’s strategy is now bearing fruit in the technology it prodcues. “HP wants to turn printers from a computer accessory into an everyday portal device,” says Rishi. “For consumers, print continues to help people share their feelings and memories and our mission is to get these photos back to real life and see the sun again from the digital jail.”

Looking to the future, Rishi says that technology has played, and will continue to play, a vital role in connecting people and services across cultures and communities. He cites India as an example: “The growing number of middle class in the country is driving the consumer spend expansion from many aspects—they are quality/brand/design-conscious, value mobility, fond of online shopping and pay special attention to the environment.”

“We want everything in an instant and on-the-go,” Rishi says. “This has led to an exponential increase in the demand for mobile workforce which in turn has necessitated the appetite for portable printers.”

Looking at print technology specifically, Rishi acknowledges it is “evolving at a rapid pace”, and further recognises his company’s needs to create “an emotional connection to printing.”

“The need to provide faster, versatile, affordable, secure and energy efficient printers,” he says, “is driving innovation in the commercial space.” HP is, according to Rishi, leading the reinvention whilst keeping users and consumers at the heart of their every move. “Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.”

You can read the interview in full here.


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