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HP settles China IP case

August 23, 2019

China HP Co. Ltd (HP) has settled a pair of patent-infringement lawsuits on favourable terms with Zhuhai Sharing Color Printer Consumables Co. (Sharing Color) regarding breaches of HP’s printhead multiplexing and addressing circuitry IP.

In March 2019 The Recycler reported that HP, via its China HP company (HP), had sued Zhuhai based Sharing Color alleging that the Sharing Color new 803 integrated inkjet cartridges breached HP’s IP in respect of printhead multiplexing and addressing circuitry.

The settlement agreement was approved by the Shanghai IP Court in a consent judgement. The judgement requires Sharing Color to stop the importing, manufacturing and sales of the infringing cartridges that are compatible with HP cartridge models 60, 61, 63, 300, 301, 302, 650, 652, 678, 680, 802, 803, 818 and 901.

Sharing Color is, with immediate effect, required to inform their customers to cease selling any of the infringing products, and recall all remaining inventory held by their customers and deliver this inventory to HP.

Sharing Color has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to HP as compensation.

The HP 803 integrated inkjet cartridge is a mainstay of HP’s current generation print cartridges and is found in a wide range of inkjet printers.

HP has been aggressive and successful in defending its inkjet IP and legal actions taken in recent years have upheld these crucial patents in China.

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