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HP seizes 67,000 counterfeit products in Saudi Arabia

April 26, 2013

hp-200x150OEM works with police in Middle East to raid showrooms and warehouses, seizing thousands of fake cartridges and other products.

Arab News reports that HP’s campaign against counterfeit products in the Middle East has resulted in 67,000 products being seized so far in Saudi Arabia alone, including 55,000 containers of fake ink for HP printers.

With the help of Saudi Arabian authorities, the campaign involved confiscating counterfeit products, as well as the equipment used to make the products, and closing down illegal plants where such products were being manufactured and stored.

According to the article, previous campaigns launched by HP in the Middle East have resulted in the confiscation of over 230,000 products, and over the past four years the OEM’s investigations into counterfeiting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa has reportedly seen more than 800 cases of legal action being filed and the confiscation of around nine million counterfeit products. In addition, the raids in the Middle East are expected to have implications on the availability of counterfeit products in other regions, including Europe and Africa.

Commenting on the action taken against counterfeiting, Jeff Isles, an anti-counterfeiting official at HP, said: “We are proud to have accomplished this mission, which involved extensive investigation that led to these raids.”

Isles continued: “We aim to stop the illegal activities of counterfeiting organizations. The low quality of their products will not fool customers and can cause serious damage to printers, as well as the environment, as it contains unknown chemicals.”

The Recycler recently reported on controversy surrounding HP raids on markets in India, with many computer consumables dealers claiming that they had been wrongly harassed by HP anti-counterfeit teams.

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