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HP partners react to Hurd harassment case

January 3, 2012

Anonymous HP channel partners have expressed disdain in response to the release of a letter detailing former CEO Mark Hurd’s alleged harassment of ex-marketing contractor Jodie Fisher.

HP channel partners have expressed their disapproval following the release of a letter from former employee Jodie Fisher’s attorney Gloria Allred, detailing the alleged unwanted and increasing prolific sexual advances ex-CEO Mark Hurd made towards Fisher.

One channel partner remarked: “I was a huge Mark Hurd fan and even gave him the benefit of the doubt until reading the allegations. It’s pretty sad. Hurd apparently tried using power, position and wealth to take advantage of someone, and he got called on it.”

Another HP solution provider based on the East Coast, US, and also partners with Oracle where Hurd is currently serving as President, stated to CRM their belief that the scandal is predominantly an issue of personal ethics as opposed to business ethics, although impossible to overlook, stating “a person’s ethics are an indicator of their values, and a lot of times that transitions over to business”.

Oracle has remained in support of Hurd, with Senior Vice President Ken Glueck stating in an email “[Allred’s] letter was recanted by Ms. Fisher. She admitted it was full of inaccuracies”, with an Oracle spokesperson stating the remerging of Hurd’s sexual harassment allegations would not have any impact on Oracle channel partners: “I don’t see much impact, other than some interesting reading that might be useful to other executives that think they are above the law.”

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