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HP invests in Haiti plastic washing

April 23, 2019

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The OEM has invested $2 million (€1.77 million) in a new plastic washing line in the island nation, which will expand its plastic recycling supply chain.

Haiti Libre reports that the new line will create over 1,000 new job opportunities throughout the country. It will also allow for local production of clean, high-quality recycled plastic, to be used in HP products, while simultaneously allowing expanding Haiti’s recycling capabilities and allowing it to compete “more effectively” internationally in the plastics market.

“Suppliers Lavergne and ECSSA have partnered with HP on the project since efforts began in 2016,” the OEM revealed, adding that “this investment continues HP’s longstanding commitment to diverting ocean-bound plastic and contributing to a lower-carbon, circular economy while providing jobs and education opportunities locally.”

In 2016, HP partnered with the First Mile Coalition in order to reduce ocean-bound plastics, converting waste plastic bottles into recycled materials that then went to use in making the company’s ink cartridges.

This scheme has seen around 716,000 pounds of plastic – equivalent to 25 million bottles – diverted from the Earth’s seas. Globally, the OEM has converted over 199 million pounds of recyclable plastic this century, creating 3.9 billion ink and toner cartridges using the recycled plastic.

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