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HP introduces new environmentally-friendly ink cartridge packaging

April 17, 2012

The OEM has launched new multipack packaging that has a 38 percent reduction in carbon footprint.

The ink cartridge ‘club’ multipack packaging also features a reduction in weight of up to 21 percent, and in one year, the environmental savings from the packaging are expected to equal carbon footprint savings equivalent to 750 roundtrip flights between San Francisco and Washington DC, or removing 70 cars from the roads for an entire year.

HP added that the packaging is made of paperboard, which has instantly reduced plastic use by 60 percent, and the replacement of plastic with the paperboard has also made the package easier to recycle.

The OEM’s paperboard supplier, MeadWestvaco, made an independent study into the packaging, with the result emerging that due to the lower weight and fibre-based materials used, the packaging results in lower greenhouse gas emissions as well as less human impact and aquatic toxicity.

Jean Gingras, HP’s Environmental Program Manager, stated: “We’re always looking for new materials or methods of packaging that might improve our product and lessen our impact on the environment. Our industry-leading approach considers the environment from the very first stages of cartridge design through manufacturing, distribution, customer use, and disposal.

“We’re also very cognizant of our retail partners’ needs for security and reduced environmental impact as well as their customers’ experience with our products and packaging.”

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