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HP Inc’s “The Wolf” won ‘Best in Show’

May 19, 2017

The OEM won ‘Best in Show’ at Digiday Content Marketing Awards gala for its video series, “The Wolf,” which is a mini movie series about printer security.

Digiday UK reported on the winner of this years Digiday Content Marketing Awards with HP Inc’s mini movie “The Wolf” receiving the ‘Best in Show’ award.

The film, utilises Slater’s role in the hit TV show Mr. Robot, which centres on hacking, and features Slater as ‘The Wolf’, who walks the viewer through how he hacks business systems through unsecured printers.

The film starts by noting that “there are hundreds of millions of business printers in the world. Less than two percent of them are secure”, and ‘The Wolf’ highlights how hackers are like wolves, and businesses like sheep, hacking printers in one office with a distracting video on the printer’s LCD screen while stealing company information through the unsecure network

Next, he hacks another office’s entire system through email spam, fooling a worker into opening an email about a birthday gift that contains malware, and again accessing the system because one printer is not secured. He notes that he can steal identities, sensitive client information and more, and while the business might have spent millions on server security, if the printers are not secured, it’s all for nothing.

The film concludes with a board meeting in the same company, where someone has accidentally printed important documents at an unsecured printer with no ID sign-in, so anyone else could take the documents from the printer tray. ‘The Wolf’ points out that he can access “all the juicy details” of the company, and points out that he does this “because I can”.



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