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HP Inc’s New Sustainability Report

June 20, 2017

The OEM is set to make crucial environmental and social changes.

HP Inc has just released an outline of its new 2016 sustainability report. In this report, HP Inc sets out a series of key supply chain goals designed to benefit both the environment and the company’s employees.

These include making efforts to decrease the company’s carbon footprint through lowering Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2025. HP Inc aims to achieve this goal by working closely with suppliers to achieve key targets, improve performance and meet strict management requirements.

The WWF is a crucial supporter of HP Inc’s environmental efforts, with the Fund’s climate and business manager stating, “We welcome the strides HP is making and its leadership in designing programs that achieve ambitious emission reduction targets.” He added that the company’s efforts will show other similar businesses the importance of setting environmental goals with the target of making measurable improvements by 2025. 

HP Inc’s other goals set out in the report include doubling factory participation in supply chain programs by 2025, in a bid to increase not only their number of suppliers but also the engagement of those suppliers. The company also aims to enhance the skills and well-being of 500, 000 factory workers, with particular emphasis on helping the more vulnerable, such as women, foreign migrants, and student workers. This target is perfectly in keeping with HP Inc’s long-running dedication to empowering its workers, already evident in the company’s various well-being projects and skills development opportunities.

Stuart Pann, HP Inc’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, said, “For more than a decade, HP has demonstrated industry leadership by developing innovative ways to strengthen labour, health and safety, and environmental conditions in our supplier factories.” He went on to say, “Our products are engineered with high regard for every person who has a hand in bringing them to market. We work proactively to protect and empower workers, source minerals responsibly, promote inclusion and transparency and drive lasting improvements across our supplier base.”

This extra commitment to transparency has already been proven when, earlier this year, the company chose to publicly release not only the names but also the locations of its various recycling vendors. To this day, over 1.6 million tonnes of hardware has been recycled by HP, with 17,100 tonnes of toner and ink cartridges being recycled in 2016.

These actions and goals on the part of the company demonstrate HP Inc’s commitment to creating an ethical and sustainable future, not just for the business but for the wider IT industry.

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