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HP Inc “will block” third-party cartridges in future

October 19, 2016

hplogonewThe OEM is said to have told a Dutch website that it will “block non-HP cartridges again, but the change will be better communicated”.

Myce reported on the statement from HP Inc, reportedly given to Dutch website, which read that “the company made a mistake in its communication about the rejection of non-HP cartridges”, and that in the future “the company will block non-HP cartridges again, but the change will be better communicated”.

Myce noted that HP Inc had said this made the recent fix for the original firmware update “only a temporary solution”, and that “the printer manufacturer will block non-HP cartridges again in the future but will be more transparent about it”. The site had been one of the first to notice that the firmware fix was available online, and noted again that “the firmware is a bit hidden, indicating the printer manufacturer prefers users to stay on the current firmware that doesn’t allow non-HP ink cartridges”.

The site concluded that in future, it’s clear that “HP will release a new firmware update that will reject non-HP cartridges again but will be more transparent about it”, and that “the issue isn’t the communication, but the fact that HP printer owners will be forced to buy more expensive official HP ink cartridges”.

The Recycler first reported on the firmware update last month, and reported further complaints from the industry and consumers, with the OEM’s EU helpdesk claiming that it was “working on a solution” soon after. The OEM told The Recycler in response that the printers affected “will continue to work with refilled or remanufactured cartridges with an Original HP security chip”, but later apologised and announced the update to reverse the firmware change.

Aftermarket companies responded to the update by noting their products still work after the update, including Static Control, 3T Supplies’ Peach division, Armor, KMP, LD Products, Gikar Industrial, Pelikan and Cartridge People.

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2 responses to “HP Inc “will block” third-party cartridges in future”


    Now i have to ask is there no law within the EU that states that this is prohibited?.
    But i can understand it for compatibles but what about manufactured??

  2. inktfactory says:

    As far as I know within the EU its law that a any OEM cartridge must be refillable (from a ECO point of view). Any attempt, by software or by mechanical way to make that impossible by an OEM will give any citizen the possibility to sue the OEM.

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