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HP Inc responds to Windows 10 issues

March 8, 2016


One of the images that comes up when you put in an new original HP Inc cartridge

Neal McChristy was told by the OEM that it “never prevents a customer from using a refill or remanufactured cartridge”.

Earlier this year, McChristy, who writes the wide-format column for The Recycler, reported that remanufactured cartridges he had been using on Windows 10 in his Envy 4500 printer were flagged as “used or counterfeit” upon installation. Having replaced two remanufactured cartridges with another pair from the same provider, and on printing, received an error stating “used or counterfeit cartridges detected”.

He has now received a reply from Thom Brown, HP Inc’s Chief Inkologist, beginning with an apology for “any inconvenience that you may have faced when trying to change the cartridge(s) in your HP Envy 4500.We appreciate that you shared your concerns with us and are happy to provide further clarification. Just as background, HP Inc never prevents a customer from using a refill or remanufactured cartridge because we believe in fair competition. The Windows 10 notification that you are referencing would not prevent you from using a non-HP supply.

“The reason that the notification exists is solely to notify the user that the cartridge is not part of an Original HP ink supply. In turn, this may mean that the cartridge can possibly be counterfeit (which many customers are unaware of) or that the cartridge is a refill/remanufactured cartridge. In either case, the notification can be dismissed by clicking ‘OK’ and the notification will stop appearing after acknowledgment of this statement.

“Another factor we’d like you to take into consideration is the Windows 10 software, which may have contributed to the alert populating multiple times on your printer. Additionally, as you may already know, counterfeiting is a major issue and many parties in the industry have professed support to getting rid of counterfeit supplies.


Another image that comes up when using an original HP Inc cartridge

The Recycler itself has published multiple reports of counterfeit seizures in Europe and Asia, underscoring the prevalent issue of counterfeit supplies in markets around the world. In support of these measures, HP Inc. printers have provided this form of potential counterfeit product notification for several years”.

Brown recommended McChristy download the standard printer driver and install it, adding that the counterfeit warning message would “go away if the message is acknowledged”, and it has “not returned”. Brown’s reply concluded: “Please let us know how we can be of further assistance. We hope that the information provided above will help resolve any additional issues moving forward and provides context for the inclusion of a counterfeit message when there is a detection of a non-HP supply.”

McChristy also highlighted Windows 10’s “advisories [that] suggest repeatedly buying an original HP cartridge. A site even comes up for order. If an OEM cartridge is used, HP has some interesting incentives for using an OEM cartridge once the Envy printer detects an OEM cartridge; including notifying the customer he/she qualifies for a 10 percent discount on HP products for using an OEM printer cartridge”.

The Recycler previously looked into the compatibility of different OEMs’ printers with Windows 10, in a feature published in issue 275 starting on page 48, in which we found most OEMs had quite comprehensive information about compatibility, including HP. You can read more from McChristy on this in our next issue, 281, which is mailed to subscribers on 24 March.

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