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HP Inc partners informed on year ahead

November 7, 2016

The OEM has said that it is determined to continue improving HP Partner First.


It is one year this month since the company split and HP Inc became an independent company, and they are now putting the split behind them and looking forward to the fiscal year of 2017, and focusing on “capturing market opportunities”, reported searchitchannel. Stephanie Dismore, Vice President and General Manager for the Americas Commercial Channel at HP Inc, said “it’s been an exciting […] 12 months within HP”, and the OEM’s channel business is about 87 percent of its annual revenue, Dismore noting this had previously been 80 percent.

The split of the company meant that it had to convert the PartnerOne programme into “HP Partner First and HPE Partner Ready”, with the former including the “new specialisations for partners and an omni-channel sales strategy”, so that there is a “seamless and holistic experience with the HP brand across all platforms”.

Dismore added that other company successes included HP Inc’s “record-high share in our Personal Systems Group, which when you’re at the top of the stack, especially in the US, holding that share and […] even driving it further north is remarkable in today’s competitive landscape. When we look at the split, we really view it as one of our greatest strengths. [HP is] extremely focused, extremely agile and the best in class in what we focus on, which is print, personal systems and services”.

She also noted that in the future HP Inc would be looking to support its partners during the “market’s shift from transactional to contractual business”, stating that “we want to continue to align our tools, resources and expertise with channel partners that are making that transition […] to a utilities model, whether that is managed print services, device as a service or a subscription model”.

The company will also be making sure that it uses all of its resources to improve its brand and its partners, Dismore stating that “what I would tell partners as we go into the New Year is[ …] No. 1, what you’ve seen from HP over this last year is an example of the journey that we’re on. We’re going to continue to strive to make sure that our programmes and our model follows the tenets of simplification, predictability and profitability for the partners”.


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