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HP Inc overtakes HP Enterprise

June 19, 2017

HP Inc has outperformed its sister company HPE.

San Francisco Chronicle reported that HP Inc had surprised Wall street and investors with “two consecutive quarters of strong financial performance” whilst HPE appears to be struggling since the split of the company.

HP Inc stock has risen 50 percent over the past year while in February this year HP Enterprise’s stock fell 11 percent. Don Weisler, CEO, HP Inc, said: “We’re delivering solid performance across our portfolio, in all regions, and on key financial metrics. It’s clear our reinvention is paying off.”

When HP split into two companies it was thought that HP Inc would find the market too competitive and that it was better to set it adrift from the software side HP Enterprise however as is the rule of thumb with lower expectations HP Inc has risen to the challenge and is thriving in both its printer and laptop business.

The printer business success includes HP’s 3D printing service which focuses on “manufacturing applications for the promising technology” rather than the home market.

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