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HP Inc launches new machines in Saudi Arabia

December 21, 2015

The OEM has revealed its “new generation” of Enterprise LaserJets focused on the enterprise market.hp printers saudi

Saudi Gazette reported on the launch of the enterprise-class LaserJets in Saudi Arabia, with the site noting that the machines are “the fastest, smartest, safest and the world’s most secure”, and follow on from a Middle East-wide launch of the JetIntelligence devices in October 2015.

The printers were launched at the Fourseasons Hotel in Riyadh, and are said to be “40 percent smaller” as well as “consum[ing] less energy by 53 percent”, with “increased protection against malicious attacks”. This latter feature is “part of a broader HP [Inc] strategy to provide the deepest security across PCs and printers”, with over 64 percent of IT managers believing their printers “are likely infected with malware”.

The Enterprise printers and MFPs launched include “industry-leading security features” such as HP Sure Start, which “enables detection of and self-healing recovery from malicious BIOS attacks”, and whitelisting, which “ensures only known, good firmware can be loaded and executed on a printer”. Another feature is software company Red Balloon’s Run-time Intrusion Detection, which provides memory monitoring to prevent malicious attacks.

Saudi Gazette added that the new printers “deliver the fastest real world print performance in their class with the fastest first page out and dual-sided print speeds”, with mobile connectivity available alongside the new JetIntelligence toner cartridges.

Tuan Tran, HP Incs Vice President and General Manager for LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions, commented: “Protecting against security breaches is one of the biggest challenges our customers face. HP is helping customers secure their devices, documents and data by defending our enterprise printers with the strongest protection in the industry.”

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