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HP Inc firmware fix now available

October 13, 2016

The OEM has made the firmware fix available to users, though a technology site points out that it isn’t easy to find the file online.

HP Inc's OfficeJet Pro 8610

HP Inc’s OfficeJet Pro 8610

The Recycler first reported on the firmware update last month, and reported further complaints from the industry and consumers, with the OEM’s EU helpdesk claiming that it was “working on a solution” soon after. The OEM told The Recycler in response that the printers affected “will continue to work with refilled or remanufactured cartridges with an Original HP security chip”, but later apologised and announced an update to reverse the firmware change.

Aftermarket companies responded to the update by noting their products still work after the update, including Static Control, 3T Supplies’ Peach division, Armor, KMP, LD Products, Gikar Industrial, Pelikan and Cartridge People. Now, the OEM has apparently launched the firmware fix, with Myce analysing the update, which allows affected devices “to accept non-HP ink cartridges again”, including OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro and OfficeJet Pro X machines.

The update is marked as optional, and is said by the OEM on the website to remove “dynamic security”, though Myce notes that “the company hasn’t made it as easy as possible for users to obtain the firmware”. Users can “look up their device on HP’s driver page to end up on the individual page of the printer”, with Myce choosing the OfficeJet Pro 8610 as an example.

It highlights that “on the page it’s unclear that there is a firmware [update] available that will make the printer accept non-HP ink again”, as “instead the page displays, and marks as important, an older firmware that doesn’t allow non-HP ink cartridges”. The site adds that users “need to perform an additional click on the firmware tab to see that another, newer, firmware is available”, with the 8610 featuring the version 1640B update.

This update’s details state: “This firmware update removes previous security firmware that may prevent the printer from working with certain ink supplies that contain non-HP security chips. Please note that even with this change HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP supplies.” Myce concludes that a number of users “who installed the new firmware report that their printer now indeed accepts non-HP ink cartridges again”.

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